No one wants to imagine a friend getting arrested, but it can happen. It is easy to think that this would only happen if your friend is a troublemaker, but that is not the case. Your friend could get arrested for all sorts of reasons, including protesting if things get out of hand.

The thought of your friend calling you and telling you that he or she needs money for bail is pretty crazy. A lot might go through your mind like how you can help. The following are a few things to consider should this happen to you.

Breathe Easy

Cherokee County Bail Bonds suggests that you stay calm. The mind thinks more clearly when you are calm. Plus, getting nervous or stressing is not going to help. Be sure to commit yourself to staying calm should the arrest happen in front of you because things can escalate when the situation gets tensed.

Get the Details

Yes, you are going to want to know everything when your friend calls you, but try to refrain from asking all that. You do not have a lot of time to talk right now, so try to get the information you need to help your friend.

You want to know where he or she is being held and the charges against your friend. You also want to know how much the bail is going to cost. Keep in mind that some charges will require that your friend stays behind bars for a certain amount of time before bail can be paid.

Consider the Bond

Some bails do not cost much, but there are others that can be pretty high, which can make them difficult to deal with without any help. It is at this point that you should at least consider a bail bond. The bail bonds-person is going to put up most of what you need to bail out your friend, but you still will have to pay a little something.

Of course, your friend is expected to follow the rules set forth by the bail-person’s contract, like showing up to the court date or refraining from leaving the state for any reason.

Give your Cherokee County Bail Bonds experts a call should your friend need the help. Do not let your friend stay behind bars any longer than he or she needs to. Our 24/7 services is part of what makes Fly Free Bail Bonds worthwhile, so give us a call at 770-887-3337 or 706-265-1377.